Top 5 Delicious Indian Dinner Menu Dishes You Must Try

With so many varieties, complex and rich taste, mild to fiery flavors and something for everyone, Indian food literally has no match in this world. This is the reason Australians still love Indian food. There is nothing wrong in trying some delicious Indian curries at home by ordering online or by dining out. Indian food is always a great choice for dinner and lunch. If you are confused what to try, It’s Mirchi is here with some of its bestselling favorites –  

Butter Chicken 

A perfect staple for every Punjabi occasion, Butter Chicken is one of the most famous curries worldwide. It is a buttery and creamy curry served mild or spicy with rice and/or chapatis/naans. The rich, creamy taste and texture of this curry is really delicious and incredibly mind-blowing. You can enjoy it with naan and rice as per your own taste. 

Palak Paneer 

It is another Punjabi dish but is completely vegetarian. Even if you are a non-vegetarian, you will definitely love this dish. Paneer is a variety of cottage cheese and Palak refers to spinach. It is a thick spinach curry filled with pieces of Paneer to add a rich taste. It is usually served with naan and rice. You can also order it as a side dish to meat curry and it is really tantalizing to your taste buds. 

Chicken Tikka Masala 

It is another much-loved Indian dish which is loved by many. It can easily appeal to any taste. This Indian curry can be spicy or mild. It consists of braised chicken breast simmered in tomato-based creamy sauce of tomatoes, ground cashews, capsicum and onion. It is the best dish to enjoy with family as it is flavorsome and rich with some crunchiness. 

Matar Paneer 

It is another North Indian dish which uses paneer as a main ingredient. In addition, it is mixed with peas and a range of spices in a rich creamy sauce. It is the best dish for having a filling and comforting meal. It is served with naan and rice. 

Mutton Curry 

It is a delicious curry made of goat meat. It is a very lean meat and goes well with spice and tomato-based curry sauce. You can choose from different varieties of this curry. But you will always get rich and delicious taste. Different varieties of this curry exude different cultures. You must try it if you haven’t enjoyed it before. It is usually served with naan/chapati and rice. 

Bottom Line 

Mirchi is the leading Indian restaurant in Brisbane where you can order delicious Indian dishes online or book a table. All the Indian dishes are made of fresh and organic produce by professional Indian chefs.