Should You Use Honey as Daily Supplements?

Honey has been used both as food and a natural remedy to cure different ailments. There are reasons why you should consume honey every day for various health benefits. It is rich in plant compounds and is very healthy when it is used rather than refined sugar which is loaded with 100% of empty calories. Here are some of the health benefits of honey as a supplement regularly –

Honey is rich in vital nutrients

Honey is a dense, sweet liquid that is made by honeybees. The bees collect the nectar of flowers which is rich in sugar. They consume, regurgitate, and digest the nectar constantly in the beehive. In the end, they produce a liquid named ‘honey’ which is stored as food for honeybees. The color, smell, and taste of honey relies on the types of flowers they have sourced the sugar from.

1 tbsp of honey (21g approx) contains 17g sugars like maltose, glucose, fructose, and sucrose, and 64 calories. It doesn’t contain fat, fiber or protein. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals but only in a slight amount.

Rich in Antioxidants

Quality honey is rich in several vital antioxidants like phenolic compounds and organic acids which have flavonoids. According to scientists, combining these compounds provide antioxidant power to the honey. According to some studies, buckwheat honey improves antioxidant value in your blood. Antioxidants have been known to lower the risk of strokes, heart attacks, and cancer cells of some types.

Honey is safer than sugar

There are mixed reviews on diabetes and honey. It reduces various risks of developing heart disease with type 2 diabetes. For instance, it controls LDL cholesterol levels, inflammation, and triglycerides while improving good cholesterol levels.

But some studies also show that it can raise blood sugar levels. Honey may be quite better than refined sugar but people with diabetes should take it with caution. However, diabetics may also reduce high-carb foods for the sake of some honey.

Controls Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is considered to be a major risk factor to cause heart disease and honey can be helpful to control it. It has antioxidants that have been known to control blood pressure. There have been modest reductions in blood pressure in studies conducted on both humans and rats.

Helps in Wound and Burn Healing

Applying honey topically can heal burns and wounds. According to research on wound care and honey, it is known to be very effective to heal wounds and partially thick burns that have been infected due to surgery. Honey is also helpful to cure diabetic foot ulcers, severe complications which cause amputation.

Honey has reported over 43.3% of the success rate to treat wounds in a study. Topical application has been effective in 97% of diabetic ulcers. Honey is known to have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to heal the tissues. It can also help cure various skin conditions like herpes lesions and psoriasis.

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